Monday May 21.  Executive Board Meeting. Maison Suger.

Main meeting. Institut des Etudes Avancées. Ile Saint Louis. Paris.

Tuesday May 22nd

9:00 Welcome & registration

9:15 Michael Hausser: State of the Union Address (brief summary!)

9:30 Working group reports. Data sharing platform. Ken Harris, Cyrille Rossant and Miles Wells.

10:30 break

11:00 Working group reports.  Behavior update. Zach Mainen

11:45 Policy discussion

12:30 Lunch break


14:00 TBA

14:45 Nick Steinmetz. UCL.

15:30 break

16:00 Experimental techniques.

Ilana Witten. Specialized and spatially organized coding of sensory, motor, and cognitive variables in midbrain dopamine neurons.

Sonja Hofer. Foraging task.

Zachary Mainen.

18:00 Christof Koch. Public lecture

20:00 Group dinner

Wednesday May 23nd

9:00 Christof Koch: AI and IBL

9:45 Computational theories I. Computational challenges. Surya Ganguli.

10:30 break

11:00 Computational theories II.

Larry Abbott. Interareal information transmission.

Alexandre Pouget

Peter Latham

12:30 Lunch break (SAB/funders: Antechambre. Others: Courtyard)


14:00 Kristin Branson. Janelia.

14:45 Data Analysis. Liam Paninski

15:30 break

16:00 Data Analysis

Jonathan Pillow. Tracking psychophysical curves over the course of learning.

Ila Fiete. Unsupervised technique for revealing coding manifold

Sophie Deneve. Spike sorting.

18:00 Adjourn

19:00 PI Dinner