Monday May 21.  3-7pm Executive Board Meeting. Maison Suger.

Main meeting. Institut des Etudes Avancées. Ile Saint Louis. Paris.

Institut des Etudes Avancées

17 quai d’Anjou

Ile Saint Louis, 75004 Paris


Tuesday May 22nd

Morning Chair: Ilana Witten

9:00 Michael Hausser - State of the Union Address.

9:30 Working group reports: Tony Zador, Anne Urai, Michael Schartner, Masa Murakami, Lauren Wool, Fanny Cazettes, Nicco Bonacchi - Behavior update.

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Working group reports: Ken Harris, Cyrille Rossant and Miles Wells - Data sharing platform.

12:15 Tim Harris - The future of Neuropixel probes.

12:30 Lunch break


Afternoon Chair: Surya Ganguli

14:00 INVITED Jeremy Freeman. CZI. Open and collaborative science: lessons from the human cell atlas.

14:45 Zach Mainen - Foraging task.

15:15 Anne Churchland - Movement-related activity dominates cortex during sensory-guided decision making

15:45 Coffee break

16:15 INVITED Nick Steinmetz (UCL) - Local and global neural correlates of decision making in the mouse brain.

17:00 Sonja Hofer - Complex visual behaviour in mice.

17:30 Break

18:00 Public lecture. Christof Koch - Consciousness in Humans and Animals But Not in Computers.

20:00 Group dinner at Le Polidor, 41 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris Directions (20 minute walk)




Wednesday May 23nd

8:30 Closed session. IBL PIs and postdocs only

10:30 break


Morning Chair: Matteo Carandini

11:00 Alexandre Pouget - Theories of optimal decision making.

11:30 Computational theories: Surya Ganguli - Theoretical and computational framework underlying IBL.

12:15 Lunch break (SAB/funders: Antechamber. Others: Courtyard)


Afternoon Chair: Dora Angelaki

13:45 Christof Koch: AI and IBL

14:30 Computational theories: Peter Latham - Interareal information transmission.

15:00 Experimental techniques: Ilana Witten - Specialized and spatially organized coding of sensory, motor, and cognitive variables in midbrain dopamine neurons.

15:30 break

16:00 INVITED Kristin Branson. Janelia - Analyzing animal behavior using machine vision.

16:45 Data analysis:

Jonathan Pillow - Tracking psychophysical curves over the course of learning.

Ila Fiete - Unsupervised technique for revealing coding manifold.

18:00 Closing remarks

18:15 Feedback from SAB to PIs

19:30 PI Dinner