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Here are the current IBL job openings


We are seeking an Executive Director to lead the IBL project. She/He will be responsible for conceiving and delivering the programme of work including the definition and attainment of key milestones, managing overall project budget and finances, facilitating project governance and internal communication, liaising with funders, external agencies and partners and identifying and establishing new funding streams.

The team is internationally distributed, and therefore the Executive Director may work at one of the main IBL hubs (London, New York, Lisbon, Geneva, Cold Spring Harbor and Princeton). Communication between sites will involve the use of electronic collaboration tools. Since the collaboration is anticipated to scale up after an initial pilot phase, the Project Manager will play an instrumental role in this challenging transformation and expansion of the initiative.

This is a senior leadership position, and we seek an exceptional individual with the vision, leadership skills, management experience, and ambition to oversee and ensure the success of one of the most ambitious and groundbreaking scientific collaborations in the world.

You can find the complete job description here

Application forms will be available shortly through UCL's online recruitment – www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/jobs, you can also send your CV to this address. Please indicate “IBL Executive Director” in the subject line of your email.

The International Brain Laboratory has openings for postdoctoral fellows and scientific staff who will play key roles in a new large-scale international collaboration in brain research.

The IBL combines the efforts of approximately 50 scientists in 20 laboratories toward understanding the brain-wide basis of a complex behavior.

The project will involve recording the activity of millions of neurons in the working brain and building mathematical models of the resulting data. The data sets this project will produce are vast and complex, including physiological recordings, behavioural measurements, and video, all of which must be standardized into common formats, integrated into a single database, and subjected to quality control. Core staff positions will support the both experimental and theoretical work through the entire data life cycle, including acquisition, analysis, modeling and dissemination. 

Remuneration will be competitive and commensurate with experience. There is considerable flexibility in base location within the U.S. and Europe.

You can find more specific information about the different job openings below.


Postdoctoral fellows will participate directly in guiding the experimental, data analytical and/or theoretical aspects of the IBL. Postdocs, though based in individual labs, will be a key part of IBL, and will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with experimental and theoretical labs across IBL. Postdocs will directly benefit from the collaborative nature of the project, given the unique access to resources and experimental/theoretical expertise that it provides. Therefore, they will likely be more productive and have better opportunities for career development than those working in a more "traditional" postdoc role.

Research Fellow (Postdoctoral Scientist) at University College London, HäUSSER LAB

Job advertisement on UCL website here.
More information about the Neural Computation Lab at UCL here.

Spontaneous applications for POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS WELCOMED

Please either use the contact form, or contact individual IBL PI’s via their institutional email addresses. 

For informal enquiries about being a postdoc within the IBL, feel free to contact the following current IBL postdocs: Anne Urai (urai[at]cshl.edu, Churchland lab, CSHL, US), Michael Schartner (michael.schartner[at]unige.ch, Pouget lab, Unige, Switzerland), Guido Meijer (guido.meijer[at]research.fchampalimaud.org, Mainen lab, CCU, Portugal).  

JOINING AS Principal investigator (PI)

IBL is still at its early stages but we welcome inquiries from PI’s interested in contributing or participating: Contact.